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Patient Portal

We encourage you to register with the Easy Care Pediatrics Patient Portal. This is the best way to keep in touch with our staff during business hours. Our highly qualified staff checks the portal for messages every hour on the hour, to address any matters that require attention.

In addition, we communicate with our families through the Portal, whether for basic follow-ups or any other health-related reminders. The Patient Portal invitation will be sent to you upon registering for our practice.

Child Health and Development Interactive System (CHADIS)

Easy Care Pediatrics requires parents and teens to complete online questionnaires before all annual check ups. This a mandatory developmental screening to ensure that your doctor is providing the best care for your family; it also helps Easy Care Pediatrics keep close track of your child's or teen's progress.

To facilitate busy parents or practices, we offer this online service: Please go to the CHADIS site to register as a new user, or log in if you have an account. If you're a new user, click "Parent Sign Up," which will take you the registration page. To register, you will have to provide an invitation code, which is doctorlavin.

Screening questionnaires are to be completed for any standard well child or teen visit. However, your doctor will prompt you to re-enter into CHADIS if there is a developmental- or behavior-focused evaluation being conducted, which will require completing additional questionnaires.

Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS)

The MIIS is a new statewide system that keeps track of the immunization records for families. The records list the vaccinations that children have received to protect against various diseases. The goal is to make sure that everyone in Massachusetts is current with their vaccinations and that your records are available when you need them—for example, when your child moves to a new school, if your child is in the emergency room or if you change your primary care provider.

The MIIS provides proof of vaccination for your children; this makes it easier for health providers to keep track of immunizations and also helps prevent outbreaks of diseases such as measles and the flu.

Easy Care Pediatrics is enrolled in MIIS and we request that parents allow us to share their children's vaccinations with the system. If you object to the sharing of this information, please let your doctor or the nurse in the office know that you do not wish to participate, so we can provide you with a withdrawal of objection form that you will need to sign. Note: If you decline to participate in MIIS, your child(ren) will still be able to receive their vaccine(s).

Adolescent Care

As pre-teens and tweens enter adolescence, they begin experiencing countless changes. Their feelings, their bodies and their lives become different and less familiar. Easy Care Pediatrics works to ease this change as much as we can, by providing young adolescents with a trusted "safe space," in which their confidentiality is respected and they can feel secure sharing things that they may be uncertain about. To accomplish this, we meet with young adolescents one-on-one, as well as with their families and caregivers.

Health Tips


The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) hosts a great deal of useful and straightforward overviews on vaccines—from which ones are appropriate for your child to when and why they should be administered.

Please take a moment to review the vaccination page on their site and feel free to follow up with us if you have any further questions.

Below are some useful links from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We encourage you to review them to ensure you're making smart, informed choices on behalf of your children's health.